Kepley Broscious & Biggs, PLC

Kepley Broscious & Biggs, PLC is small law firm in Richmond, Virginia that provides  premier legal services in lending, commercial real estate, and business matters.

We Provide Premier Legal Services in Commercial, Finance, Insolvency, and other Business Matters.

At Kepley Broscious & Biggs, PLC, we routinely assist clients with a wide variety of commercial and business matters.  As a result of our large-firm backgrounds, we possess the experience and skills necessary to work through difficult problems and to deliver the quality of service and work product that our clients expect. 

We assist business persons and enterprises to buy and to sell ongoing businesses and a wide variety of business assets and to secure commercial loans.  We actively represent clients engaged in industrial, financial services, retail, real estate development, and other commercial activities, and our services range from corporate governance matter to day-to-day business and legal concerns.

We assist clients with commercial real estate transactions, including buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate, assisting lenders and borrowers with commercial loan originations, modifications and assumptions, and assisting lenders and buyers with real estate due diligence.  As a result of our experience helping clients to resolve complex real estate problems that arise after closing, we are uniquely skilled at helping clients identify and avoid problems on the front end.

We assist banks, CMBS servicers, insurance companies, and other lenders with loan modifications and with their problem loans.  We have substantial experience with insolvency proceedings and foreclosures, receivers, and workouts involving hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, condominium projects, unfinished residential developments, warehouses, etc.  We have helped lenders and owners work through very complex business and real estate problems.

We serve as Virginia local counsel for lenders and borrowers with respect to multi-state real estate loans, and we have significant experience providing deed of trust enforceability opinions and helping clients to navigate Virginia's confusing recording tax laws.

At times, the best way to achieve our clients’ aims is through arbitration or litigation.  We have broad experience litigating commercial cases in state, federal and bankruptcy courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We try cases efficiently, mindful of our clients' need to balance costs and results.

The lawyers at Kepley Broscious & Biggs, PLC work very hard to provide clients with the highest quality legal product and exceptional responsiveness.  Please contact us today if you would like to discuss your legal needs.

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